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Dr. Gause is committed to Implant Dentistry as a clinical associate in the Continuing Education Implant Department at New York University. Being involved with the academics of implant dentistry only helps Dr. Gause provide the best for his patients. After placing many implants of different systems, Dr. Gause has decided to primarily reccommend Ankylos Implants. Because of the technology that creates a healthy implant- tissue interface, Ankylos implants do not demonstrate bone loss like many other implant systems. This leads to long term success of the implant crown and high levels of esthetics. Dental implants are the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. Bridges often involve the filing down of adjacent teeth. Dentures are bulky and have to be removed at night. Patients say that implants look and feel like real teeth. Dr. Gause is a respected authority in the world of implant dentistry with his patient cases being featured in national dental publications which serve as continuing education for dentists throughout the United States.