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Porcelain veneers are a way to design a new smile from scratch. With porcelain veneers Dr. Gause can improve the color, the position, and the contour of your teeth. Veneers may take as little as two visits. Veneers done properly are not bulky, or “fake looking”. Veneers give a person a perfect “Hollywood” smile. Some people complain that veneers “look fake”. Please look at cases done by Dr. Gause to see that this could not be further from the truth. In our office, all veneers are done by a master ceramist, not by a commercial laboratory. This difference is enormous. Would you want your smile constructed by an assembly line? Absolutely not! Our veneers are made by a master artisan who was trained by the premiere dental ceramist in the world, Master Wille Geller. This ensures that the veneers have the highest possible level of artistry. Commercial veneers often appear monochromatic (one flat color). Our veneers may have 30 different shades of porcelain to give depth of color as light passes through the veneer. The tip of the tooth will generally be more translucent in order to duplicate the beauty of a natural tooth. The colors near the gum line can be from an ivory shade to a warm bright white. Porcelain veneers are a gift that allows the cosmetic dentist to design a smile that fits a person’s face, personality, desired age (not actual age), and character.